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Keep Mice and rats out of your house!

Keep Mice and rats out of your house!
Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Xcluder® products?

Please visit our Where to Buy Xcluder page for all purchasing options


How does Xcluder® work?

Xcluder® is made of coarse stainless steel and poly fibers. When stuffed into cracks and crevices, it creates an impregnable barrier. These sharp, coarse stainless steel fibers discourage critters from gnawing or burrowing through it and form an impossible, tortuous path for bugs to navigate causing them to give up rather than penetrate. The synthetic fibers in Xcluder® give it an extra spring back that permanently holds it in place and prevents critters from removing it when properly installed.


Is Xcluder® hard to install?

Not at all. It is designed to be extremely easy to install due to its highly flexible, compressible nature. Check out our easy-to-follow INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.


How long will it last?

Indefinitely. Since it’s made from stainless steel fiber, Xcluder® is a permanent solution.


How many holes will it fill?

If a typical hole is 1 inch you will require 4 square inches of Xcluder®. If you need to fill the area around a 1 1/2″ pipe typically 16 square inches is required. Each situation is unique and may require slightly more or less material.


Is Xcluder® eco-friendly?

Absolutely. Because it’s made with natural materials, Xcluder® has no impact on the environment. It’s non-toxic and non-corrosive. Plus once installed, it won’t rust or stain.


What are some typical rodent entry points?

Did you know that mice can squeeze through a hole that’s the width of a pencil? Even the newest and best-constructed buildings have holes underneath, behind and inside kitchen cabinets; inside closets; around air vents and dryer vents; around the fireplace; around windows and doors; behind appliances, around pipes under the kitchen and bathroom sinks; around electrical, water, gas, and sewer lines (chases); beneath or behind water heaters radiators, and furnaces and around any pipes or conduits that enter the building. Any of these are potential points of entry for unwanted pests.


Do repellents such as Peppermint Oil, Moth Balls, and ultrasonic devices work to keep mice and rats out?

The short answer is no. Despite the frequency with which these solutions are suggested on the internet there is little scientific evidence to support their efficacy. In fact, the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management, a university based organization whose mission is to "consolidate existing and future information on integrated pest management (IPM) in wildlife damage management," has conducted extensive research on the topic of mouse repellents and states that there are "No effective ones known, including sonic devices." This includes, Peppermint Oil, Moth Balls, Dryer Sheets, ultrasonic devices and other heavily promoted herbal type pouches and remedies.


What might cause re-infestation inside a rodent-proof building?

Rodent re-entry can happen because of one or more of the following issues:

  • Doors and windows are left open.
  • Gaps larger than 1/4” are not sealed.
  • Rodents were not eliminated prior to rodent proofing.

Food or other items rodents find attractive continue to be available, giving rodents cause to gnaw new openings or dig new burrows.


Why are gloves recommended?

Xcluder® works because the coarse stainless steel fibers are stiff and sharp. Stainless steel is an aggressive material and the poly fibers help guard against minor skin abrasions from the stainless steel fibers. We recommend using gloves supplied in the Xcluder® kit.


Does Steel Wool stop mice and rats?

Yes. Regular steel wool has been used for years by pest professionals and homeowners to keep mice and rats out of buildings. However, regular steel wool rusts and requires regular replacement. Patented Xcluder® fill fabric combines rust-proof stainless steel wool and poly fibers to create a permanent barrier against mice, rats and other pests.


Is Xcluder® safe to use around hot water pipes?

Yes. Xcluder® has been tested and is safe to use in holes where ambient temperatures reach as high as 270º F.


Can I install Xcluder® in or around an electrical enclosure?

It depends. Xcluder® contains stainless steel fiber, which is an excellent electrical conductor. It is not recommended close to open electrical sources or unbundled wires. But around fully sealed electrical conduit coming out of a wall, installing Xcluder® is safe.


Where can I use Xcluder® fill fabric?

Anywhere. Xcluder® is ideal for sealing cracks and crevices in residential homes, garages, apartment buildings, office buildings, restaurants, barns, sheds, mobile homes and cabins.


Can I use Xcluder® to fill or cover weep holes?

Yes. Xcluder® is ideal for keeping mice and other pests from entering your home through the weep holes. Weep holes are essential for your building allowing water to escape and air to circulate to dry the structure. Xcluder’s mesh design maintains that essential functionality while keeping unwanted pests such as mice, rats, and other pests out.


Do Xcluder® Door Sweeps work on Garage Doors?

No. Xcluder® Door Sweeps are not for standard garage doors. Xcluder® Pest Control Door Seals for garage, loading dock and overhead doors can be viewed Here.


How does Xcluder® compare to other rodent deterrent and repellent devices?

Very favorably. When taking into account the cost and the ease of installation, Xcluder® is the best product in the market for DIY exclusion work. Based on lab tests, the USDA has shown Xcluder® to be an effective rodent deterrent. In these same controlled experiments, the USDA reported no conclusive evidence that electronic rodent repellent devices work at all!


Where can I purchase Xcluder®?

Xcluder® is available at our online store and select retailers. For a full list see our Where to Buy Xcluder page.