<a <!--href="http://buyxcluder.com/affordable/"--><b>Xcluder™ Rodent & Pest Barrier DIY Kit</b></a><p>Keeps Mice and Rats Out of Your House</p> <a <!--href="http://buyxcluder.com/durable/"--><b>Patented and Proven</b></a><p>Patented Xcluder fill fabric is approved by the USDA as an effective barrier against rodents</p> <a <!--href="http://buyxcluder.com/slide-1/"--><b>Durable</b></a><p>Installs easily and permanently</p> <a <!--href="http://buyxcluder.com/mouse-proof-your-home-business-rv/"--><b>Mouse Proof your Home, Business, & RV</b></a><p>Xcluder stops rodents before they get in saving you time, money and headaches.</p> <a <!--href="http://buyxcluder.com/proven/"--><b>Xcluder™ Rodent & Pest Barrier – Large DIY Kit</b></a><p>Dependable pest control – sized for larger jobs.</p>

Xcluder™ - Keep Mice & Rats Out of Your House

Made of stainless steel fibers and not steel wool, Xcluder is 100% non-corrosive. It will not rust or react to moisture. Xcluder does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides. It does not kill or harm animals or bugs. It simply makes the cracks and crevices so difficult to navigate that pests trust their instinct to give up. That's why Xcluder is the preferred rodent and insect exclusion device used by pest management professionals from around the world.



Xcluder is the only rodent and pest exclusion material that has been tested and proven effective by the USDA APHIS Laboratory.

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Pest Control Door Sweeps


The Xcluder™ Pest Control Door Sweeps Ideal for: Restaurants, Food Processing Facilities Hotels / Motels, Schools, Food Distribution Centers, Grocery Stores, Pet Stores, Supercenters or any location that requires reduced or eliminated chemical pest control.

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We have a new house with one major (and common) brick house design flaw: most of the brick weep holes are large enough to allow field mice to enter the house. After several months of killing mice inside the house, I ordered the Xcluder product. The product is very easy to work with. It took me only a few hours to install the material in about 200 weep holes.

- Steve from Richmond, Texas

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Pest Management Professionals

Are you a Pest Management Professional? Visit our Xcluder™ Professional site to learn more about Xcluder™ products available exclusively to the professional Pest Management market.

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Got questions?


Questions about Xcluder™ or how to keep mice or rats out of your house or business? We have answers.

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Made in U.S.A


We are proud of the fact that Xcluder™ products are designed, patented and Made in USA.

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