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Xcluder® cover weep holes to prevent mice and other pests


The ideal solution for:
  • Stopping Mice, Rats and Other Pests from Entering Your Home
  • USDA Tested and Proven Effective
  • Easy to Install
  • Will Not Rust or Stain
  • Less expensive than other weep hole Covers
  • No Poison, No Chemicals
  • Safe for Kids and Pets
  • Trusted by Pest Professionals
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Durable Construction

Air and Moisture Pass Easily

Proven Technology

Weep Hole filled with Xcluder®


“ I bought the Xcluder® kit, materials, scissors and gloves and found it was just the ticket for covering the weep holes in my brick house. The gloves and scissors are perfect for handling and sizing the material. The material is perfect for filling the unequal sized weep holes. It is very easy to use and takes less than a minute per weep hole. I highly recommend this product and company! ”

Murray G. from Houston TX

Weep holes are essential for the good health of your building but without weep hole covers they are an open invitation for mice and other pests to enter your house. Xcluder® pest exclusion fabric is made of a blend coarse, rust proof, stainless steel wool and poly fibers. Xcluder® weep hole installation is quick and easy creating a permanent barrier against mice and other pests while allowing air and water to pass.

Xcluder’s flexible mesh design means that, unlike other retrofit weep hole covers, you’ll get a perfect fit every time even in irregularly shaped holes.

What is Xcluder®?

The secret to Xcluder® is coarse stainless steel wool interwoven with poly fibers. This impenetrable, abrasive barrier prevents rodents and insects from entering without using harmful chemicals or poisons.

Once installed this special blend of poly fibers and stainless steel mesh allows Xcluder® to spring back and expand guaranteeing a secure fit.

Xcluder® is a permanent solution trusted by pest control professionals.This eco-friendly material creates a protective barrier against rodents and insects.

Read the USDA/APHIS Report on Xcluder®

A USDA/APHIS report has found Xcluder® to be highly effective pest exclusion material preventing rodents (mice and rats) from entering through cracks and small holes.

How to Keep Mice and Rats out with Xcluder®

Where to install Xcluder®?

Every building has dozens of potential entry points for critters and pests. We recommend starting with a a thorough outside inspection of your building.

Fill in all cracks and holes even as small as ¼ inch. Small mice can fit through a hole the size of a pencil eraser.

Seal all gaps and holes around windows and doors, between the foundation and the structure and around weep holes. Be sure to seal entry points for electrical service, water, gas and sewer lines (chases) as well.

Mice can climb straight up a wall so don’t forget to seal holes and gaps around the roof, eaves, gables and soffits.

Inside the building, prevent vermin from using walls as hiding places by sealing them up. Common entryways include holes underneath, behind and inside kitchen cabinets; inside closets; around air vents and dryer vents; around the fireplace; around windows and doors; behind appliances, around pipes under the kitchen and bathroom sinks; beneath or behind water heaters, radiators, and furnaces; and around any pipes or conduits that enter the building.

For best results, seal opening only after you’ve baited, trapped and removed the rodents, bats or birds.

How much Xcluder® do I need?

One foot of 4” wide Xcluder® will fill approximately 6–8 weep holes.

How to install Xcluder® in weep holes?

Just follow these 4 easy steps to perform the perfect installation:

  • Slip on a pair of the gloves provided in the Xcluder® kit. If working above your head, we recommend using safety glasses and other protective gear.
  • Use the scissors in the kit to cut Xcluder® to 2-3 times the size of the opening.
  • Install Xcluder® by pressing it into the opening with a blunt tool like the edge of the scissors, a putty knife or screwdriver.
  • Pack Xcluder® tightly so it is at or slightly below flush to the opening of the surface.
  • That’s it. You’re done!

How to cover

Weep Holes:

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