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Xcluder® Rodent Control Fill Fabric - 3 Roll Box

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2016):
This product is more expensive than the copper mesh alternative. However, if you are dealing with determined mice trying to get into your house, it will keep them out. Previously, I installed copper mesh along a seam between my new house and the concrete edge of the basement below. This worked for a few days, until the mice figuered out how to pull the copper mesh out of the seam. Eventually, the copper mesh was on the ground and the mice were in the house. I replaced the copper mesh a couple of weeks ago with Xcluder steel-wool product and, walah!, the mice are unable to pull it out of the seam and my house is now mouse free. This product is worth every penny of its cost. My only caution is that you need to be very careful during the installation process. The product is painful to the touch, which keeps the mice from pulling it out of the seams. For these reasons, as you are installing it, you need to wear safety gloves and safety goggles, to prevent harm to yourself. Another advantage of this product, which I didn't expect, is that I now have no more crickets in the basement...apparently the mice weren't the only critters able to get through the copper mesh product.