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Xcluder® Rodent Control Fill Fabric - 3 Roll Box

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2016):
For the past 4 years I suffered from mouse infiltration into my house, and since my house borders a wooded area it exacerbated the situation. It became a cat and mouse chase as i tried to develop ways of stopping them or killing them in the attic. Every year I would trap between 25-30 especially during the fall season in the north east. I tried copper mesh, which is good for small holes but quite flimsy for larger ones, 1/4in chicken wire for much larger holes and bait boxes surrounded the house. Still they managed to get through. Luckily the battle was fought in the attic and no sign of mice or dropping was ever found inside the house. But the fear was there as I would hear them in the ceiling between the floors. So far this year, after covering all external holes and under the siding with Xcluder, I have not heard a noise in the attic, and none of my traps (re-baited every 2 weeks) have caught a single mouse. Though I'm not ready to declare victory until the end of winter, I'm more hopeful than prior years, especially that they've been eating from the outdoor bait boxes.
The product is thick mesh and sharp, and requires gloves for handling. It's quite flexible and can be used in both small and larger holes, especially when covering under the siding. I cut 1 foot strips and pushed it tightly under the siding, and in certain areas i added a second strip. The fact that it's sharp makes it difficult for a mouse to bite and pull, as otherwise it would do with the copper mesh. I can only imagine the mouse's bloodied mouth when it bites into it.
This product is well worth the money, and if I had discovered it sooner, I would have saved hundreds of dollars from the exterminator to the copper mesh product.
Best of luck to all of you who are fighting this battle!