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Xcluder Solutions for Residences

Keep Mice and other Pest Out Permanently:

Solving your mouse problem permanently will take more than baits and traps. Because mice leave pheromone trails for others to follow, once you’ve had one in the house it is very likely that others will follow.

To ensure that the problem doesn’t return, you need to seal up the small openings that they use to get in.

Xcluder® products are the safe, easy solution to permanently rodent and pest proofing your home.

Mice in the house are more than an annoyance, they can also be a serious heath risk as they are known carriers of disease, fleas and allergens that can trigger asthma.


Originally available only to the professional pest control market, Xcluder® is a patented blend coarse stainless steel wool and poly fibers. This impenetrable, abrasive barrier prevents rodents and insects from entering without using harmful chemicals or poisons.


A USDA APHIS lab report has found Xcluder® to be highly effective pest exclusion material preventing rodents (mice and rats) from entering through cracks and small holes.


Around HVAC Lines

Prevent rodents and other pests from entering through the gaps around HVAC lines

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Weep Holes

Weep holes are a common pest entry point. Xcluder® stops pests while still letting weep holes function.

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Under Eaves

Xcluder® not only prevents rodents from entering under eaves but is also effective at keeping bats, bees and wasps from nesting.

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Around Doors

Xcluder® Rodent Proof Door Sweeps and Garage Door Rodent Shield prevent mice, rats and chipmunks from gnawing through the soft rubber seals around doors.

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