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Pull Chain Seal for Dock Levelers

Pull Chain Seal for Dock Levelers
Item No. 16267x

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Rodent proof pull chain seal for dock levelers. Replaces the standard ring found on most dock leveler pull chains.

Rats can squeeze through a gap as small as 3/4" and mice as small as 1/4" making the pull chain hole on most dock levelers is an easy entery point. The chain serves as a convenient ladder allowing mice and rats to climb right up and into your facility. The Xcluder dock leveler pull chain seal is a solid cast aluminum pull that sits firmly in the pull chain cup, completely sealing the chain hole creating an impenetrable barrier to mice and rats.


  • Solid cast aluminum construcion
  • Easy installation
  • Available in 3 diameters
  • Made in USA by the world leaders in rodent and pest exclusion products



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