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Xcluder® Pest Control Door Sweeps

Stop mice, rats & pests before they get in!
The ideal solution for:
  • Restaurants
  • Residence and Outbuildings
  • Schools
  • Grocery / Convenience Store
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Any location where reduced chemical pest control is required
  • Food DistributionShop now

Durable Construction

Made from solid aluminum and reinforced neoprene rubber

Proven Technology

Filled with Xcluder’s patented, USDA tested, rodent proof, stainless steel and poly fiber mesh


“ Since the installation of your product on six of our outside doors we have not had any evidence of pests getting into the building. When I Used the standard door sweeps they would be chewed through in a matter of days. ”

Richard R.

Facilities Specialist, Dining

University Residence Life & Dining Services

  • Eliminate the expense and hassle of extermination and clean-up
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for chemical control
  • Available in Commercial and Residential Configurations

What makes Xcluder® Pest Control Door Sweeps Better?

The secret to Xcluder® Pest Control Door Sweeps is the patented filling of coarse stainless steel wool interwoven with poly fibers. This impenetrable, abrasive barrier prevents rodents and insects from entering without using harmful chemicals or poisons. The reinforced neoprene rubber outer seal creates an effective and durable environmental barrier keeping drafts and water out and the light, heat and odors that are a beacon to pests in. Unlike brush type seals, Xcluder® Pest Control Door Sweeps won’t deform leaving gaps that provide easy access for pests and reduced efficiency as a weather seal.

Xcluder® filling has been USDA Tested and Proven Effective rodent exclusion material

A recent USDA report has found Xcluder® to be highly effective pest exclusion material preventing rodents (mice and rats) from entering through cracks and small holes.

Easy to install

Xcluder® Pest Control Door Sweeps are easy to install and fit most common door sizes.

  • Available in 36″, 48″ and 96″ lengths
  • Sweeps are pre-drilled and include stainless steel mounting screws and detailed mounting instructions.
  • Requires only basic tools to install
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  • "Here's an example of how easy it is for rats to penetrate regular door sweeps.

    this sweep was found in a rodent infested area of nyc by urban rodentologist bobby corrigan, phd.

    the damage was done by a norway rat. (photo - bobby corrigan 2015)".

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