If you have researched mouse removal or pest extermination on the internet you will find that nearly all of the experts agree on one thing - The best way to ensure that you don’t get mice is to never let them enter your home in the first place.  And the experts also agree that the best way to stop those pests from getting in is to plug any small holes and cracks in and around your home.  Where the advice differs is in their opinions on how to go about filling up those holes and cracks.  They offer several creative solutions:


The solutions are many because they aren’t asked to meet any specific criteria.  As the homeowner and do-it yourselfer, the solution you will choose is most likely based on a combination of things such as permanence and effectiveness, ease of installation, aesthetics and cost.  Of course each situation will differ, but overall, a product that can meet each of these criteria effectively, certainly is the best overall choice.  Take a look at how each of the hole plugging solutions offered by the “experts” meets the criteria you most certainly need for your personal pest prevention solution. If you don’t have time to do it right then when will you have time to do it over?  This is a question you really need to ask yourself when trying to find a permanent means to keep pests from entering your home.  Mice, rats, and squirrels are all rodents, called so because the latin word rodentia means to gnaw, and these little buggers have a single pair of growing incisors that they keep short by gnawing.  They can, and will, chew through almost anything.  Using products like newspaper, towels, foam, duct tape, plastic, insulation, cardboard and caulk are all quick and handy but will be extremely temporary fixes. 


In a very short time, perhaps even a day, rodents can chew through all of these and you will be back on the internet looking for another solution. Steel wool, copper mesh, SOS pads and Xcluder are all products that can provide a permanent gnaw resistant, and therefore effective, solution for filling holes. Regarding the criteria of aesthetically pleasing, often times the holes or gaps that you are trying to fill are not in the line of sight, or they are located behind something, or in a remote corner of the house or basement.  Therefore you may not be extremely concerned with how the hole/gap looks once it’s plugged.  However, some of the more effective fill products can react to moisture and then rust, leaving a very unsightly streak down the wall or around the area.  Also unsightly is a hole filled with a brightly colored plug that doesn’t blend well with the surrounding surfaces.   Xcluder does not rust or react to moisture, and it fits snugly into the hole or gap so it can do the job without drawing attention to the hole.


When it comes to cost and ease of installation, many of the products listed above would be best because they are practically free and require little effort to install.  But of course you want a cost effective solution, and as previously mentioned, these products don’t offer a solution, they offer a temporary fix at best, to your pest problem.  So of all the products discussed it now comes down to Xcluder and copper mesh as the best solutions.  Here is a short video which compares these two on both cost and ease of installation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWA7EzRrlEY   After reviewing all of the criteria it is now certainly clear that the most effective, eco-friendly, permanent, and easy to install method for your money is Xcluder Rodent and Pest Control.  To learn more about Xcluder or to purchase it for yourself go to buyxcluder.com