Does it surprise you that one of the most common rodent entry points to any home or business is the door? Ironically though, it's not an open door that these pests are walking through, it's the small gaps found between the door and the floor and the door and the frame. For several years now Xcluder has been able to help combat the gap between the door and the floor with our highly effective Xcluder Pest Proof Door Sweeps.


We are proud that our door sweeps are discussed, and even recommended, in this article - "Of Rodent and Doors," written for PCT Magazine by expert rodentologist, Bobby Corrigan. The article provides some great information about urban rodents and their behavior around doors, as well as ways to inspect your premises and determine what type of exclusion you may need most.


Based on the research that Mr. Corrigan conducted and describes in this article, Xcluder has launched a new product to combat the gap between the door and the frame, or in the case of a pair of swinging doors, the gap that can appear where the doors meet, or where they are supposed to meet. The article teaches us that this area is known as the astragal, and it is an area that rodents are very familiar with. Xcluder Pest Control Astragal Door Seals are designed to combat this gap, and the article can assist you in identifying whether or not this area is a potential threat to your home or business! And of course, if it is, you can count on Xcluder to help you combat the gap!