We all know the main purpose of a door is as a point of entry for our friends, family and invited guests. But for most homeowners, the majority of the activity coming in and out of the door is unseen, unwanted, and potentially costly. However there is one easy DIY project that can eliminate these mysterious comings and goings and ultimately save you money and give you peace of mind.

Did you know that an attached garage is a revolving door for energy if it’s not sealed properly? In the wintertime, cold air is coming in and your expensive warm air is flowing out. And of course in the summertime it’s just the opposite. With the rapidly rising cost of energy, effectively sealing door openings is more important than ever. Most people assume that weather stripping around the door frame is really all they can do, however much of the energy lost is at the base and corners of the door and therefore an effective door sweep is of high importance. A reinforced door sweep, like the Xcluder Door Sweep will provide a very durable weather seal. The reinforced neoprene rubber conforms to the ground, therefore filling gaps that may occur due to shifting, or cracks on the threshold and/or on the garage floor. But any doorway entering the house is a potential source of energy inefficiency, so don’t stop at the large garage door. All doors entering into your home should have Xcluder sweeps installed. The sweeps will eliminate the drafts and subsequently turn into cost savings for you. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but energy may not be the only thing passing through your doors unbeknownst to you. A gap, crack, hole or opening of ¼ inch or larger can appear to be a welcome mat for mice, rats and insects to enter your home. Damaged or missing door sweeps are a very common entry point for rodents and pests. And once they arrive, like all unwanted house guests, it’s difficult to get them to leave. So prevention is the key and once again, an Xcluder Pest Control Door Sweep would be the right solution. The reinforced neoprene rubber that provides the tight seal for your energy savings is filled with an Xcluder’s patented rodent-proof fill fabric. This fill has sharp, coarse stainless steel wool fibers which are virtually impenetrable to rats, mice and insects so they are not able to gnaw through it like they can with a standard rubber sweep. So if you are interested in saving money and only want invited house guests then installing Xcluder Door Sweeps is the right project for you. They are available in a variety of lengths common to most door sizes and types. They feature a sturdy aluminum retainer and include stainless steel mounting screws and slotted screw holes for easy installation and easy adjustment. So with a few quick turns of a screw you can close the door on wasted energy and unwanted visitors. You can order Xcluder pest control door sweeps by visiting buyxluder.com.