Nobody likes mice in their house and many people don't like the thought of using poisons and traps to kill the mice that have invaded their house.  Aside from the mess and property damage they cause mice also carry diseases and can pose a serious health threat to humans. That makes getting rid of them as quickly as possible a top priority. So, if you don't want to kill them, what are you supposed to do? Fortunately solving your mouse problem permanently and humanely is much easier than you'd think. Follow this three step guide to humanely getting rid of mice and you'll have a mouse free house in no time. Best of all,  you don't need any special skills or fancy equipment and won't have to worry about exposing kids or pets to any poisons.

Step One: Take Down the Welcome Sign Remove any food sources from around the house. Seal pet food and bird food in tightly closed containers and make sure that garbage cans are tightly sealed. Next, take a walk around the outside of your house looking for inviting mouse habitat. Remove any weeds, brush, or other debris from the perimeter of the building. Step Two: Humanely get rid of the mice that are already in the house.  To do this you are going to have to catch the mice as repellents are not effective. There are a number of live capture mousetraps readily available on the market. There are even plenty of instructions on the web for how to make your own out of a 5 gallon bucket and some bricks or wood. If that sounds like a lot of work then look at one of the commercially available humane mousetraps. Our personal favorite is the Kness Tip-Trap. It's easy to use, inexpensive and very effective and you'll never have to touch a mouse. Bait one of these with peanut butter and place it along the wall where the mice travel and you'll be catching mice in no time. Step Three: Prevent Their Return Find an seal all potential rodent entry points. This step is essential if you are to solve your mouse problem permanently. Thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom looking for gaps 1/4″ or larger. If a pencil eraser can fit through it so can a mouse. Look high and low. Mice can jump 12″ vertically and can climb straight up any rough surface such as bricks and siding. Pay attention to the following areas:

    • Sill – the area where the walls meet the foundation.
    • Pipes – gaps often exist around pipes (air conditioning, gas, water, etc.) which enter the building.
    • Eaves – gaps occur at the soffit level. Remember, mice can climb!
    • Doors – be sure that the gap between a door and the floor is filled with stiff brush or other gap filling product.

Fill gaps and openings with a rodent proof material. Naturally, our preferred product is Xcluder Fill Fabric it's easy to install permanent and has been USDA tested and proven effective against mice and rats. Alternative solutions include steel wool and copper mesh. If you use steel wool in outdoor areas, be sure get stainless steel wool as the regular stuff will rust and deteriorate quickly. Follow these three steps and you'll have a mouse free house and won't have deal with poisons or dead mice. Check out the Xcluder(tm) Humane Mouse Elimination Kit, it contains everything you need to solve your mouse problem.