For nearly 40 years, April has been observed as National Pest Management Month by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). April is an ideal time to make home owners and business owners aware of the part they can take in protecting themselves from spring and summer pest invasions. Spring is species replenishment season. Squirrels, bats, birds, rats and mice will be seeking hollow cavities to nest, birth and raise their young. In urban/suburban regions, they will often find these cavities in attics, soffits, walls, behind shutters and siding, storage sheds and garages. Even the smallest hole is an invitation for pests to gain access. 


squirrel sticking out of roof

Bob Vila, one of the most recognized experts in the home improvement industry, has partnered with the NPMA to offer tips for home and business owners to defend themselves against spring and summer infestations. Never has the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” been more accurate than in regards to effective pest management for homes and businesses.


Exclusion – creating proven physical barriers against rodents and pests to keep them from entering a building in the first place – is widely recognized as the most effective pest management strategy and the theory behind most of the tips that Mr. Vila and the NPMA share below. It is no surprise that Xcluder Rodent and Pest Defense products can be used to fix the problem areas that Bob Vila and the NPMA have identified:


  • Conduct an audit of the building’s perimeter. Look for cracks, holes, loose siding, and missing shingles. Xcluder Pest Control Fill Fabric is ideal for filling any cracks and holes, and it can be tucked behind loose siding and/or shutters so that pests can’t build nests or hives in or behind them.
  • Fill outside cracks and entry points for utilities and pipes. Again, Xcluder fill fabric is a perfect solution for this process. Click here to watch a demonstration to see how easy it is to accomplish this task.
  • Repair loose mortar around foundation and replace weather stripping and damaged door sweeps. Once you install Xcluder Pest Control door sweeps you will have a barrier that is virtually impenetrable to rodents and other pests.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water around the house and clean out clogged gutters.
  • Remove rotted tree stumps, keep mulch at least 15 feet away from the foundation and trim bushes and branches away from the building.
  • In case of an infestation, work with a licensed pest professional to properly identify the problem and determine the best treatment method.

Hopefully these tips will help you to have a glorious and pest-free Spring! Photo Credit – Tammra McCauley, Flickr Photo #249